From April 1 to September 15, 2017, the work is being accepted.

Category | A Floating City

General Information

The task ‘A floating city’ is a project of creating a unique image of urban space. The form is variable: it can be a floating island, bridge-city, city on alluvial territories or elements of urban infrastructure. The project should come up as a result of long-term futuristic vision and unconventional interpretation of the task of creating comfortable surroundings for the city dwellers of the future, with consideration of modern urban theories.

In the course of developing the concept it is recommended to design functional zoning, ensure the most efficient use of nature resources and demonstrate ecological commitment. Architectural and urban planning concepts must meet the requirements of providing comfortable conditions for the future inhabitants: principles of functional zoning, rational arrangement of zones, safety and ergonomics.

We also recommend that recreational  zones, production areas, transport and social infrastructure should be provided.  Demography of the city of the future is determined by the project designer: creating a concept of both a megapolis and a system of urban settlements is possible.

General Requirements and Conditions

The project development should be started with the urban layout analysis. Major functional zones’ boundaries ought to be highlighted with the lines of different color, type and linewidth. It is necessary to add graphic symbols and a legend to the project. The plan of the city of the future should expand on the idea of a holistic approach to project design and contain additional information on the elements of the traffic, recreational, production and residential zones.

Visualization of the project should convey the idea behind it. One picture ought to be major, 2-4 – subsidiary (one of them may be a city-view from above). General arrangement of the project is to be executed considering the necessity of structuring the content into information blocks in order to simplify its reception; fundamental principles of arrangement and graphic design should be taken into account.

Functional Structure

  1. The concept of the city of the future may include zones and elements of various functional use:
  2. Residential zone with a well-developed social infrastructure;
  3. Production zone (using the concept of agricultural production is possible);
  4. Recreational zone;
  5. Transport links;
  6. Waste recycling zone.

Final combination of the elements can be determined by the project designer independently according to their concept.

List of Approximate Graphic Materials for the project

  1. Plans;
  2. Design sections;
  3. 3D perspective visualization (4-5 points).
It is also allowed to include schemes and texts that illustrate development of ideas and proposals explaining the designer’s intent.

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