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Mikhail Medvedev

CEO of the Group of Companies «ЦДС», a member of the Expert Council for Urban Development of the State Duma Committee on Land Relations and Construction. Author and founder of the all-Russian competition for schoolchildren and students «Звезда Удачи». Owner of the silver order «Сonstructor of Saint-Petersburg» as well as the award «For contribution to the development of creativity and talent of young residents of Saint Petersburg» of the Education Committee of the Government of St. Petersburg. In addition, he holds a Doctorate of Law.

Svetlana Golovina

Candidate of Architecture, Associate Professor, Dean of the Correspondence faculty SPSUACE, Head of the Department of Architectural Constructuions of the Faculty of Construction of the Saint Petersburg State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering; engineer and architect. Svetlana Golovina is the author of 11 publications and a participant of 12 scientific conferences, including the international ones.

Svetozar Zavaryhin

PhD of Architecture, Honored Architect of Russia, Professor of the Department of History and Theory of Architecture of SPSUACE, CEO of the OOO ARHISTROY, Member of the Board of the Union of Architects of St. Petersburg, laureate and award winner of many architectural printing competitions. Svetozar Pavlovich is the author of 16 books, among them «Ecology of Architecture», «Russian Architectural Critics», «Architecture of Tyumen», «City and Architect», «Architecture of Petersburg.  XX century», «Architecture of the first half of the ХХ century», «Architecture of the second half of the ХХ century»,  «St. Petersburg. Architectural Plots», «The St. Petersburg phenomenon».

Ekaterina Kuteva

CEO of the design bureau "Строй-Проект" (included in the Group of Companies "ЦДС"), architect.

Mikhail Mamoshin

CEO of the «Architectural Workshop of Mamoshin».  Mikhail is one of the leading architects of St. Petersburg and Russia. Vice-president of the Union of Architects of St. Petersburg, member of the City Planning Council of St. Petersburg, board member of the Union of Architects of Russia, deputy chairman of the Architecture Council of the Union of Architects of Russia; board member of SRO NP «GAIP», Professor of IAA (International Academy of Architecture), Vice-President of IAAM (International Academy of Architecture, Moscow branch), Academician of IAAM; The head of the St. Petersburg Academic Center of the IAAM; Corresponding Member of RAASN (Russian Academy of Architecture and Building Sciences); Expert of the Worldwide Club of Petersburgers of the State Hermitage.

Evgeniya Petrashen

Deputy Chairperson of the Council for Landscape Architecture of the Union of Architects and the Union of Landscape Architects of St. Petersburg, senior lecturer at the Department of Design of the Faculty of Arts of SPbU (St. Petersburg State University), the head of the principal educational program «Environment Design» at SPbU.

Vladimir Reppo

Board member of the Union of Architects of St. Petersburg, Board member of the National Chamber of Architects and Interregional Chamber of Architects for the North-West Federal District, Professor of the IAAM. Author of the projects of the underground vestibule of «Primorskaya» metro station, a fire station in the Dekabristov lane, a memorial sign to the cruiser "Kirov" and others. He has been a CEO of an architectural workshop (ООО «TAM Reppo») since 2002. In recent years, dozens of projects of public and residential buildings in various districts of St. Petersburg have been developed in the workshop.

Oleg Romanov

President of the Union of Architects of St. Petersburg, Candidate of Architecture, Associate Professor of the Department of Architectural Design, SPSUACE, full member of the International Academy of Architecture, member of ICOM, Honored Architect of Russia. Member of the Presidium of the Union of Architects of Russia. Owner of the Grand Prix and the gold medal of the «Interarh-83» contest and «Crystal Daedalus» award. Since 2012, he heads the Union of Architects of St. Petersburg.

Ivan Uralov

Honored Painter of Russia, Professor, First Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Arts of SPbU, Head of the department of Fine Arts of SPbU.

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